Launching camera to scan QR code IOS

So I read a few posts around launching the camera on a mobile phone from an axure prototype using the text field widget selected to “file” which worked well, however for what ever ios reason when the camera is launched this way and not via tapping the camera app icon the scanning of a QR code did not work. I have read that it is possible to use java script to open the camera either as a plugin in or as an onload event but this info was for android only.

Basically i did to open the camera app from an axure prototype please could you tell me if this is possible and how to do it?



QRCODE.rp (46.9 KB)

Hi guys! Kempes81 reached out to our help desk for assistance with this query, but unfortunately advising on javascript is outside of our team’s area of expertise. The resource below should help a bit, but if anyone has had success with scanning QR codes in RP prototypes feel free to chime in on how you did it! :slight_smile:

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