Layers disappeared


i have occured a strange thing. My Layers from one page disappeared completely. I see my mockup but the panel layer is empty. If i skep to another page, all layers from that certain page are visible.

I was about to enter a dynamic panel to paste something in state 2 (via layer panel. Next happens was the panel emptied itself.

Now i will try to to copy it to another new page and delete the old.

I just wonder if i did any mistake which can make all layers invisible in the layers panel by making it dissappear completely.

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If you use version 8, you may have filtered to display only Masters or perhaps only those who have names.

Go side of the label “Outline: Page” in the “Sort and Filter” and make sure “All Widgets” option is checked and the options “Has Name” button and “Has Footnote” are unchecked.

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Hi ,

I have the same issue suddenly while working on the file, I may have hit a key randomly on my keyboard and they got disappeared I tried all different sorting but they’re not reappearing…

Please help!


Hi Ali,

Hmm, are you still running into this issue? Does restarting the Axure RP app or closing/reopening the file help? To confirm, is it just one particular page that is failing to show the widgets listed in the Outline pane?

What version and build of Axure RP are you currently running, and is this happening on OS X or Windows? Would you happen to be able to share a copy of the .rp file with the affected page so that we can take a look (either her or to

For now, it seems like other users who’ve run into this issue have had success with working around it by duplicating the page, which seems to get the widgets to show. Hopefully that helps you!

Axure RP

This issue is still happening but is not only affecting Layers, but Panels. Noticed it happen in the Libraries panel as well where all items were transparent, but names still present.

Just had this happen 5 min ago, where all default libraries have no items showing at all, and only my custom loaded library shows items.

Trying to move items onto the canvas did not do anything. It’s as if the links were broken to the Library items, even the default libraries.

I’ve had this happen within as close as 30 minutes up to about 24 hours from a new session / restart of Axure.

A restart of Axure resolves this issue each time.

Probably not your problem:
But it took me a while to figure out you could hide elements in the outline panel.
There you can show and hide elements in the preview.

Hi @josh_db,

From what you described, it sounds like you may be running into a different issue regarding Axure RP’s default widget libraries not loading correctly. If you’re still running into this issue, can you please try manually reloading the affected widget libraries to refresh them? You can do this by clicking the hamburger menu icon in the “Libraries” pane, selecting “Load Library” from the context menu, and then selecting the local library files on your computer. For Windows, you can find the library files at the following path:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Axure\Axure RP 8\DefaultSettings\Libraries

And for Mac:


If you’re on Windows, clearing the “cache3” folder at the following path and then relaunching Axure RP may help as well:


I hope this is helpful, and please let me know if you have any questions!

I will next time this happens and try to remember to update this thread. Refresh Library was disabled which prompted me to simply restart Axure.