Library inconsistencies over different Axure Cloud team projects (RP9)




I have an issue where the same library file acts differently across different team project files. All of the project files and the library file are in the same folder on my PC.

The library works correctly in this project:

But in this project the same element from the same library looks different:

Getting all changes from Team projects in the cloud or copy-pasting from one project to the other didn’t help. Widget Style Manager also didn’t seem helpful.

Can anybody solve this mystery?

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Okay, so there’s a workaround, I just have to set the corner radius manually and then keep copy-pasting the new element and ignoring the library.

But this is quite an annoying bug.


Hi! By any chance, does the widget from the widget library file have a style name that matches an existing one in your target team project? If the target team project has previously imported the widget style that you have in your widget library and then the library’s style was updated and you dragged another copy of that widget into the target file, the resulting style would be the one that had previously been imported. To update the existing style you would use “File > Import from RP File” to bring in the most recent style into the target file. Alternatively, you would want to make sure that your styles in your widget library file are all uniquely named so that they don’t conflict/get overwritten by same name styles in the target file.



This seems to be the case, thank you!

You said I could use “File > Import from RP File” to import the new library file, but what if my library is in Axure’s cloud?

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Good question! You can’t import styles directly from Axure Cloud prototypes, but you can download them and then import. If you log in to <> in your browser, click the widget library’s project name to open its “Overview” page, and then download the .rplib file, you should then be able to import the style from that library into the target file.

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