Limit text field language input




I want to create a text field with e-mail input and the input must be in English instead of other languages.
it there a way of doing it ?

Basically this is what I want:

if text on This equals value (not english)
Set text on This equal to “”



That’s not really possible. How would you know if it’s English or not?

The word “Die” is both English and German, for example. You’d have to somehow integrate a language detection service.


Google has an API for this with their Translate tool: including detecting languages.

Hmmm, sounds like a job for Gregor …or nkrisc :wink:


Maybe I should have pointed out that the language that I don’t want to be in the e-mail text field is Hebrew, which is nothing like English or German :slight_smile:


Then you might be able to use cases like so:

IF Text on widget WidgetName IS alphanumeric
Do your thing
ELSE IF true
What happens when the first case is false

That might not consider non-Latin characters, such as Hebrew, as not “alpha” which might work for what you need then. Give that a shot.


If you do this Axure. What happens in production. Better to simulate it.


Almost working, but
“.” (dot) and “@” sign are not alphanumeric