Limiting a vertical scroll area for a mobile application


I’ve run into a problem while trying to prototype a mobile application. I have content in a dynamic panel so that it scrolls at the matched to the phone size and to transition smoothly to other screens. In the content, the first card is dismissible and makes the cards move up from below it. I’ve animated the dismiss and the cards moving fine, the issue is that the dynamic panel has scrollable white space to where there cards previously were instead of where they currently are after they moved up.

Is there a way to limit the scrollable area of the dynamic panel to not go past a certain y point?


It might help to post your file if the following doesn’t help.

A scrolling dynamic panel should never scroll beyond its visible content. So if you remove or hide the bottommost widget, the scrolling range of the panel should decrease.

I’d verify that there are no non-hidden items in that white space - including items whose opacity is set to 0. (An object with opacity zero still reserves its space, whereas a hidden object does not.)

Or, if you have a dynamic panel inside of the scrolling panel to contain your cards, make sure that this inner panel is a size-to-content panel. So that way if you hide or remove an object in this inner panel, this inner panel’s size will change, which in turn will change the scrolling range of the scrolling panel.