Line breaks in a table cell

I need to put line breaks in a table cell as part of some prototypes I’m knocking out right now. According to this tutorial page, it works like this:

If you’d like add multiple lines to a single cell, use Shift+Enter to create a carriage turn.

Unfortunately that doesn’t work, but just creates a space. Is there a workaround? I’m running the Mac version


I just had a look and [Shift]+[Enter] was adding lines. You’d need to exit the table cell before you really see the results. Here’s a quick video:


Is that not what you are seeing?

Let me know!

Well, that’s weird. Last week that was definitely not working. Instead, each time I hit shift+ enter, it would create a space, same as if I’d hit the space bar.

This week, it’s working as expected. Thanks for digging into that!

This seems to be a bug - I have it intermittently. I have been working on one document today and on the previous page I was working on it didn’t work (adding a space), and on the duplicate page I’ve created it works fine (on a duplicate of the exact same table). I would be surprised if this is designed behaviour.

Hi clairedurrant,

If you experience the issue again, would you be able to post a short video (similar to Tuomas’) showing this in action? I haven’t been able to reproduce this in the latest build (3377) on my Mac or Windows machine, so any additional details you’re able to provide will be helpful. Ty!