Link to specific state

hi all! i have d.panel with 3 states.
i want one link to go to state 1 as normail and another link to go straight to state 2.
is it possible?


Yes, you can change the state of a dynamic panel by using the “Set Panel State” action in the Case Editor dialog. You can specify the name of the state, Next/Previous, or a number (the state’s value, where “State1” is “1”, “State2” is “2” by default.)

You can learn more about controlling dynamic panels in this tutorial:

I want to set the link from an element of one page, to specific dynamic panel state that sit on another page.
Is it possible?

Hi Amir!

If you would like to make it so that a page’s dynamic panel sets to a particular state depending on which page is used to navigate to that dynamic panel’s page, you can use a global variable. Global variables can be used to pass information from one page to another. If your link is on “Page 1”, and your dynamic panel is on “Page 2”, you could have the global variable set to equal “Page 1” before a widget navigates to “Page 2”. As the second page loads, you can have the dynamic panel set its state depending on the value of the global variable. If the global variable equals “Page 1”, you can use conditional logic to have the dynamic panel set to the state you want to show for that page’s link.

globalvariable_sample.rp (61.6 KB)

You can also learn more about global variables here.

Hopefully this helps!

Wow. I’m going to try again thanks to you… and let you know how it went. Thank you again