Linking a button from one page to open a particular dynamic panel state created on another


I want to create an interaction where a button on one page saying ‘Download the forms’ is linked to another page but opens on a dynamic panel that I’ve created which has the particular state open which shows the forms.
It’s an expand/collapse style panel so I want the forms state to be the one that’s open.

Struggling to work out how to do it.


Hey there!

You’ll want to set two actions on your button:

  1. Set a global variable first. You’ll want to either set this to the name of the dynamic panel state (note the text would need to match exactly), or you can also use the number (starting at 1)

  2. Open the link to your new page

Then, onLoad of your new page, set the state of your dynamic panel to the value of the variable:

Here’s an RP file, too:

setting panel state on load.rp (63.5 KB)

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Fab. Thanks for your help.

Hey there!

I tried your method and it works for me but there is still something that I can’t resolve:

I have a dynamic panel (alpha) with 5 states (named 1-2-3-4-5). I have a button in another page and when a click it, it should open the alpha’s panel state, for instance, 4. It does, but it always starts with 1 and then it changes fast to 4. I find it super annoying!

I downloaded your RP file yours works perfectly! I am not sure what I may be missing :confused:

Can you please enlighten me?

Thank you!

can you share your rp file, or a screenshot of the interactions so I can take a look?

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Hey there! Thank you for replying! I tried several ways and it was the same until…I change browser. I was using Chrome but then I switched to Safari and now everything works.

Thank you again!

Thanks for the attached file. This helped a lot :slight_smile: