Linking external website to wireframe via iFrame

So I thought this was pretty straight forward but I’m having some trouble linking an external website (one of our intranet pages) in a frame on my prototype… I’ve even tested with google but all I get is blank white space.

I inserted an inline frame and linked to external URL - is there more to it than that?

Many thanks in advance.

Works fine for me following that method. You might want to check that there isn’t some extra code in the intranet that prevents it from displaying in an inline frame. I know I had an issue with some websites previously where they would force themselves to load in the main frame rather then the inline frame.


It sounds like you are doing it correctly. I’m wondering if you can try again with a different website–e.g. <>–to see if you can get it to work.

Some websites disallow loading in Inline Frames for security reasons and <> happens to be one of them.

So test a few websites to verify that you are able to get it working. Then you may want to speak with your IT department about it to see if there is anything–like thePsycho79 suggested–preventing you from doing so with intranet pages.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.


Thanks for the replies guys - Have tried various sites but no luck. I’ve just created a fresh prototype and inserted/linked an iframe with various links but still no luck.

My end game is to link live charts via Google Fusion charts but can’t get anywhere until this resolves itself. Is there some sort of setting in azure that would prevent this working properly?

-Method based on this blog:

Total Axure Awesomeness! | Jode Allen

Ok I think I’ve managed to do it. Other sites still won’t work however when I link my google chart via the ‘chart publish’ option as apposed to the higher level fusion link its somehow working!

Thanks for the help guys

It means that there are some vulnerabilities on the website and you can find all the loopholes using which will help you to detect those.