Load and store color palettes

Could it be possible to load color palettes (as we load libraries) in AX9 ? Palettes could be stored in the cloud and loaded in any project. They will be available in the color window, under “suggested” for example.


I didn’t hear anything about this kind of feature. But it could be great to create our own color library. I’ve created one with masters and repeater on AX8 but usability is just horrible :dizzy_face: But the override on new Ax9 masters could open new possibilities


Need this feature!


+1000 for this. Pretty please with sugar on top!


Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the feedback on the color palettes! Per our new forum policy we’re moving feature requests over to email to support@axure.com instead of the forums, but we’ve gone ahead and filed your requests for the ability to load your own color palettes with the product team for consideration. Thank you for your input! :slight_smile:

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