Local Preview and published Cloud version renders the same design differently

Hi there,

I started using Axure 9 a couple of weeks ago, and love Cloud share features overall. But I can’t seem to solve this problem.

This is how the design should look which is rendered correctly on Local Preview.

When I publish it, a gap between the second white box and the orange box appears.

I even tried to add a box below that group, but this time that box exceeds below the orange box.

Why Cloud share renders different from the Local Preview? Any suggestions on how I can solve this?

Thanks in advance!!

Hi aspira-bg!

Hmm, as a first troubleshooting step for this behavior, could you please check that your web browser is set to a 100% zoom value? If this issue continues to happen when this zoom is set to 100%, please send along this portion of your project file for some additional testing. If the file contains any sensitive information that you would prefer not to post to the forum, you can email support@axure.com with this project file attached instead. :slight_smile:

Thank you!