Local virtual key press to access "if key pressed" in Chrome

We have built a wizard of oz prototype that can be remotely controlled via bluetooth keyboard to simulate a certain behavior for the user. It worked great!
Now we want to control the existing prototype with a custom made software application that outputs local virtual key commands to the currently active application - the browser with the prototype running.
This also works great, but unfortunately only on Edge. On Chrome with the Axure extension these virtual key commands are swallowed somewhere.
Since Edge will be switched to chromium in autumn, we are afraid that our prototype won’t work anymore.
Is the problem known and are there plans to allow local virtual key commands in Chrome with the Axure extension?

Hi zwhuther,

Thank you for posting about this. Can you please let me know which key commands you are trying to detect in your Axure RP prototype on Google Chrome?

Hi Ashley,

thanks for your qick reply.
The commands are simple, single letters like “k” (or single numbers).
But they are not generated with a keyboard, but are send with a custom software to the active application.
On Microsoft Edge this works with an Axure prototype, on Chrome it doesn`t.