Locally saved Axure 8 project (name.RP) can't be opened: corrupter or encrypted


Dear team,
I have Axure 8 RP project that was saved locally in *.RP extension. It can’t be opened right now with the following message: the file may have been corrupted or encrypted.
At the same time the same file can be opened in Axure 9 without any trouble.
Could you please advise possible way how it can be resolved?

I was trying to open it in Axure 9 and re-save. Than open in Axure 8 - same problem
Note: I have just 8th version license key that is why I need to open it in this version


Hi @DimaVi, if you’re still coming across this issue, please email support@axure.com so that our team can help you with troubleshooting.

I’d also like to mention that Axure RP files can’t be opened in previous versions of the application once they’ve been saved (or created) in a newer version. So for example, an .rp file that was created in Axure RP 9 (or opened and saved in Axure RP 9) cannot be opened in Axure RP 8.

If you need to retrieve a backup copy of your file when it was last saved as an RP 8 file, you can try doing so by opening Axure RP 8 and following the menu path: File > Recover File from Backup.

I hope this helps!