Login process screen


Do you know exactly how to do this entire login process? What interaction should be used so that what he enters in the login field appears later in the profile? I attached a link with a video of the screen because I don’t have a .rp file.



I would recommend doing all this on one Axure page. Use a dynamic panel for the various “views” or states of the UI (for example, the video shows 5 unique views, so 5 states in your dynamic panel.)

I recommend putting the interaction logic on the “Next” buttons (“Dalej” and “Zakończ”) so when user clicks them to go to the next step they first copy the text from an input field to a widget on the last (or whatever) step, and then change panel states to go to the next view. This would look like:

Click or Tap
Set Text
WidgetName to text on InputFieldWidget
Set Panel State
LoginPanel to Next

If you need to use these values on other pages, then also set a global variable to the text on an input widget. This will allow another page to access these global variable values.

I took some screenshots from the video and created a quick demo to show you this approach. I just placed a few Text Field widgets over those in the video and used Hotspot widgets over the buttons. In the last state I have three rectangle widgets to store (what I think are) the user name, a child name and child age. Look at the interaction code for the button hotspots to see how the text values for these widgets are set.

Login Process.rp (569.0 KB)

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