Looking for a widget that contains a popup

I’d like to wire out a small popup that appears when someone clicks a button. Kind of like this small popup here:

Does anyone know one of these contextual windows with a downward arrow?


@Saeven Are you referring ‘contextual windows with a downward arrow’ to this ?

@bjthakkar If you visit https://vitalets.github.io/x-editable/demo-bs3.html?c=popup, and click on the first element in the table (its default label is superuser) – it’s the contextual window that appears that I’m looking for.

You can make one easily with a rectangle and a triangle for the little arrow. Then you can group them together and make them hide/show when clicking something.

@Saeven check this example popup-example.rp (65.1 KB)

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Yes, this one is a a good example, but you better use “flyout” option for this popup: Monosnap - for it could finally work as on the live demo

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