Loop video in Inline Frame

I am tasked with creating an axure page with a video that plays automatically when the page loads–
in a loop. I don’t want to use an extra html page that holds the video. (I tried that and I couldn’t get that to play automatically–you had to click it first no matter what I tried).
I have a basic page with an Inline Frame whose target is an mp4. It plays automatically but I can’t get it to loop. Help!
Looping_Video_Help.rp (1002.2 KB)

Hi tisdaleh!

I’ve taken a look at your project file, and I wanted to let you know that a local file like an MP4 file could be used in an inline frame, but there are some limitations for accessing local files described in our inline frame article here. However, if you wanted to use a video file hosted on a site like YouTube, this could definitely be done so that the video plays automatically and loops!

We offer a tutorial on embedding a youtube URL, which also covers the steps to allow for the video to autoplay.

For looping a YouTube video, there are some additional parameters you can add to the embed URL. Creating a playlist for one video allows for this playlist to loop, as described in some online articles such as the following:

Using this method, an embedded youtube URL with autoplay and looping enabled would look something like this:


I hope this helps some!


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