Lost data on save, backups failed

I think my Axure has Alzheimer’s. I was working on my pretty complex prototype this morning, saved the file, sent to my private cloud to put finishing touches on a different computer before today’s handover, and - to my huge horror - after opening the file from the cloud, all the changes done today were lost. I’ve started questioning my sanity, but now I checked the original file at home and it’s the same story. All backups from that time period today (done every 15min) are virtually identical to the last version of the file from yesterday.

I’ve also noticed that sometimes it loses several minutes of my work, making me do some things twice.

Has this ever happened to you before? Is there any secret way to get the files back from a secret place on my computer (macOS Mojave 10.14.6)? After pulling a couple of long nights on that I was really looking forward to some sleep today.

EDIT: after a restart, Axure came to its senses and the backup works, but I still lost all the data between backup and save.

Hi mwch!

That’s very odd. I’m glad to hear that ultimately after restarting the backups are reflecting proper changes, but have a few questions to help figure out what happened with the saving and the time frame during which changes everywhere were missing. To confirm, when you say you sent the file to your private cloud was this a private Axure Cloud for Business/On-Prem instance, or was this something else like a file syncing service such as Dropbox or iCloud? Also, is this a team project or regular .rp file, and was just the saved file stored on the private cloud or do you happen to have your backups or any of Axure RP’s temp files synced to a cloud location as well? Did you get any errors in Axure RP when you tried to save the file prior to sending it to the cloud?

The above will help to get a better sense of whether something went wrong directly on the first machine that prevented the save from happening correctly, such as if a syncing service or scanner on your machine was working through backups/temp files and interfered with data being saved correctly. If something was interfering with the save or causing the file to take a while to sync that may be where some of this trouble came from.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

I was working on the file locally (regular .rp), saved it locally, closed it and then manually (no automatic sync here) copied the file to Nextcloud. The original file and all backups were stored locally without syncing. No errors on save.

So far I had no problems with files that were automatically synced to Nextcloud while I was working on them.

Thanks for that followup! Hmm, so if the file was copied to Nextcloud after saving locally and the cloud copy was already missing the saved changes, then I suspect currently an issue happened directly on your machine. If you happen to have any software installed that may scan files and potentially modify/remove them (such as a file cleaner, antivirus tool, or the like) one thing you can try to help ensure the working data and backup data for Axure RP is safe is to open the settings of those applications and whitelist Axure RP’s directory below:

~/Library/Application Support/Axure/Axure-9-0

The above should hopefully help to keep anything from interfering with saving your data or from modifying the backups (which in turn in theory should ensure the file you copy to Nextcloud is accurate). Hopefully that helps!

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