Macbook M1 / Bg Sur Compatibility

  1. Has anyone tried Axure RP 9 with Big Sur and M1 (macbook pro, macbook air, mac mini)?
  2. Any timeline for an M1 native code version of Axure RP 9?

I’m currently on a 2016 macbook pro 15", a beefy computer yet slugish for Axure. In theory even a Rosetta version of the app on an M1 will run faster. In practice I’ve seen a lot of talk of instability on Big Sur.


I have installed it and I run Axure.
I didn’t load ant rp yet or even try to login with my account to see full cycle.
Hope that will help you.
Enjoy M1 speed but you need to expect a few crashes in some Apps until stability is reached.


Its actually working fine but not like other native apps for m1 Macs
hope Axure team release an update for m1 Macs Axure


I run it for a few weeks… it works - kind - of ok, but not very performant. Had some occasional weird issues (e.g. copy images out of Axure and paste it in any other app led to those apps to crash).


That sounds similar to Axure RP on my intel MBP 15". Hopefully when they do the m1 upgrade they also fix some of the general mac OS instability.