Make changes from one screen to another

hey, i want to make changes from one page to another
the list is in page 1
adding button in page 2
on page 2 button i want to say, that once button clicked, the special new row will be added

I is just a dummy example, but i realy need to make changes to page 1 from page 2 ( no masters)

Axure uses Global Variables to pass information between pages. So, a button on Page 1 could set the value of OnLoadVariable and then open Page 2. On Page 2, the Page Loaded event can be used to conditionally test the value of OnLoadVariable and make changes accordingly.

Here is the Axure documentation for global variables

Forgot to mention, that the page2 is also used as separate page.
So i want to make sure, that if button was pressed in the first page then show something additional on the page 2. If not, page 2 is not changed on page Loaded

Yes, of course Page 2 is a separate page. When it is loaded, the Page Loaded event is fired. You can set up conditional cases in Page Loaded to decide what needs to be changed. For example, if OnPageLoaded is blank, nothing would be changed, but if it contained the string, “new row” a new row could be added or shown in your repeater/list. Perhaps other global variables could contain specific data to be included in that new row, etc. Once this happens, the OnPageLoaded variable, and any other involved, should be cleared.

There is a good tutorial for this process:

yep, i know about global variables, but don’t know how to tell, on page Loaded when to fire those variables. when to show just a regular page1
f.ex i have situation, there something has to be done in page to, in order not to show regular page1, so i can tell on a Confirm button in page2 to go to page1, but i can not turn switch to a specific panel state, witch should only appear after i confirm the action in page2

You use variable to track state, then you use conditional cases on the other page.

For example, maybe the default value of your variable is false, but when a button on page1 is clicked, you set it to true.

On the second page, you need two cases: one for when it’s false, and one for when it’s true.

  Case 1
    If value of MyGlobalVariable equals 'true'
      Set panel to State2
  Case 2
    Else if true
      Maybe do something else

In this case, the panel only gets set to state 2 if the value of the variable is true. The second case is not necessary here if you want nothing to happen when the value is false; you could simply delete it. But I left it to show you could do something different entirely in that case.

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