Making a dropdown list with dynamic panels

Hi gyus! So I need some help with a dropdown list I´m trying to make. Trying to make a form where questions appear based on what you answer in the dropdown list. I have several dropdown lists under each other. The problem is that the dropdown lists appear under the elements under it.

The dropdown lists are made as dynamic panels in dynamic panels and are triggered by OnFocus - Set Focus on …and closes by OnLostFocus - Set This to closed.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to solve this?

Arranging all dropdowns within “outline:page” in the right order should solve your problem - first dropdown should be on a top (or at least higher than a second dropdown).

Alternatively you can add an interaction: “Bring to Front” to the “OnFocus” action on both dropdowns.

If it doesn’t help - please upload your .rp file.

dropdown-sample.rp (373.2 KB)