Managing nested Dynamic Panels

I’m Considering switching from RP8 to 9, but there is one new feature that makes me worried. In RP8, when working with Dynamic Panels and enter editing mode for a state, the state shows up a separate tab. For complex and nested panels this is great since it gives good control of the Dynamic Panel structure. With RP9 it seems it is not possible to have the states as tabs. This makes it very hard (near impossible) to keep track of how deep you are in the structure of the Dynamic Panel. Also, if I work on a different part of the UI, to get back to the level I was at I have to click my way through the structure every time.

For simple applications and workflows I suppose this new way of handling Dynamic Panels is fine, but for complex apps, for which Axure has been the only usable tool for years, I’m afraid this is a blocker for switching to RP9.

Is there any way of turning on a “legacy” mode, to allow for Dynamic Panel states to show up as tabs, as before?


I agree.
Not being able to edit the parent page without closing the panel is a major negative. In addition, the option to manage a dynamic panel via context menu is no longer. That was great when the panel was buried layers down where a double-click wasn’t feasible. Now, only the outline view and double clicking the panel are the only ways to edit the states. After using Axure for 13 years, I only use the outline as a last resort as selecting the elements via click was always much faster.

Additionally, there is no confirmation to delete a panel state and ‘undo’ does not restore it once deleted. Irrevocable destruction of data should always have a safety net. Deletion of a global variable has a confirmation. Why not this? One accidental slip could cost hours if not days on a complex project should this happen. I’m only mentioning Dynamic Panel management related items though there are many other issues with 9. I’ll post those in related topics.

These are usability based features that don’t exist or have been removed from a tool for user experience professionals. I’ve purchased the Version 9 key and so far, I’m not seeing any value for my money except the ability to open project files created in 9.