Mapping font awesome 6 pro

I can see instructions for Font awesome 5 but not for 6 pro. I have hunted high and low for the CSS url but can’t find it anywhere. Can anyone help me map font awesome pro 6 please?

In Axure Cloud, go to the project’s Advanced tab. Add a plugin with the below script (replace [YOUR KIT ID]):

<script src="[YOUR KIT ID].js" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

Apply to all pages and all new pages.


Are there any additional steps needed ? I followed your instructions but for some reason it’s still not showing fontawesome 6 icons. Do I need do a fontmapping or anything else?

I’ve been trying to get this to work for more than a year (at the start of each new Axure based project I have) with no success. Let me know if you figure out how.

hi @TheSheaDay I WAS Able to get this to work. Here is what I needed to do:

Along with adding the snippet of code to each axure prototype via the head tags, you also need to add the following 2 line font mappings to the axure prototype:

let me know if that does it for you or not.

Hi @kingquake unfortunately that didn’t seem to work for me either. But thanks for sharing.

How do we get @axure people to look at this? It’s a pretty fundamental requirement and there are no clear instructions anywhere that I can find.