Mapping to official Font Awesome 6 lib no longer working in Axure 9

Until recently, I had Font Awesome 6 working beautifully in my prototypes on Axure Cloud. Most people who view my prototypes don’t have, nor do they want to have, Font Awesome installed locally, so mapping to the official Font Awesome CSS file was working well. Until recently. Font Awesome moved their CDN and thus their CSS files to CloudFlare. Despite updating my font mappings and validating that I can directly access the new CSS file location, none of my icons are mapping. At all.

Since CloudFlare’s security protocols are tighter than most I am, at this point, assuming that something about the connection between Axure Cloud and CloudFlare isn’t working correctly. There doesn’t seem to be anything else I can do to get it to work.


Please help! I’ve been fighting to keep my work on Axure but this may be the final straw that forces me to move over the Figma. :sad panda:

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