"Mark resolved" missing

The functionality to mark comment as resolved is gone. Not available both in prototoype and Cloud view.
Anyone having the same issue? Are they taking away functionality with updates?

Hello @ondrej_suchy I hope you are having a wonderful day!

We recently made a change which allows you post a reply to a comment and resolve the comment at the same time as previously replying to a comment and resolving it was not possible, you had to do one and then the other as separate actions. For that reason, the mark as resolved action is now a button located next to the post comment button at the bottom of the comment box, so for any longer and already read messages you might have to scroll down a little bit in the comment thread to encounter it. Something to note, just like before you can still mark a comment as resolved without adding a reply by simply clicking the resolved comment button and not including any reply text. I hope that this helped.

All the best,
Raleigh Matern
Product Manager @ Axure

Thanks for your reply, but there is no "Mark resolved button there.


And, yes, I am logged in to app.axure.com

And, just checked, it is also not there on the published link either.


Hello justcoastin!

Hmmm, you should be seeing the “Mark resolved” button…

You must be properly authenticated - either as a Cloud or guest user - to mark a comment resolved. If you attempt to add a comment or reply to an existing comment in this state, are you then asked to sign in/comment as a guest or does the comment post successfully?

If the comment posts successfully, then something might be wrong and you should contact our support staff at support@axure.com. If you are asked to sign-in in one form or another - as I suspect you will be - then it means you aren’t properly authenticated.

Given that you have logged in to app.axure.cloud, my guess is that for some reason the prototype itself is not recognizing your authentication. This could be for a number of reasons. For example, your browser could be blocking third party cookies or you might have network security settings (e.g. a firewall) that are preventing proper validation of your cookies.

If you have network security in place please make sure you whitelist the domains listed here.

To learn more about how to manage third party cookies in Chrome, check here.

If you’ve given the above two options the ol’ college try and still can’t seem to surface the “Mark resolved” button, then I’d recommend writing to support@axure.com with as much relevant information as possible (e.g. which browser you use, this forum post, etc.) and we can look more specifically at your case.

I hope this helps!