Master connection

Hello, I created a button in Masters, I want to add interactivity to it, so that the button sends me up to the header, which I also created in Masters, but only the options for one widget are displayed, please tell me if they can be linked somehow?

For example, if I want to create 10 pages in a prototype and place this button on each page, I can make it once and add not only the button itself, but also its interactivity to the remaining pages

I tried to copy, but the connection with the header is lost, although it is the same, it was also made in Masters

Hello @Polina1,

Thank you for writing in to our Forums! If you would like to use a Master to Target Widgets outside of that Master using Interactions, you will need to use Raised Events.

I see that you also wrote in to us at, and I will include more information in your ticket there. Thank you!