Material Design Axure Library



I have Add some new features!

  • Removed FontAwesome font, and use Google Material Design icons instead.
  • Add widget: Date Picker and Context Menu.
  • Add widget library for Axure 8.

What is this?

This is an Axure widget library on Google Material Design. It’s purely based on axure widgets instead of images.


Demo Screenshot

How to use it?

[li]You should install Roboto and FontAwesome font, because I use Roboto as the main font and FontAwesome as the iconic font.[/li][li]Download the Axure library file here[/li][li]Open your Axure, click the three bars icon and choose “Load Library”. Find the library file to Load it.[/li][li]That’s all! You can now enjoy your time for making some Material Design prototypes.[/li][/ol]

To do

[li]Thumbnails. I’m not good at icon making if you can fork my repo and contribute to it, I will appreciate it.[/li][li]Chinese version. I’m a Chinese, the Noto Sans S Chinese is the recommened CJK font used in Android.[/li][/ol]


I’m David Peng. A product manager in Shenzhen, China. You can find me on @davidduzyn.
You can fork it on duzyn/material-axure-library

Material Design Widget Library for Axure 9

Great job mate, you could also checkout Axure MATERIAL UI Library for Android rapid prototyping they have a great package for Android!


Thanks for your reminding, daniellyonz! Yes, they have a great (and $29 above) package for Android, I create a not so powerful but free library for everyone. I really appreciate the open source idea.


Material now has its own icon font worth updating this to that ?


But how do you install Roboto? Axure RP doesn’t support it or I’m doing smth wrong. It’s installed on PC but Axure wouldn’t even list it in the fonts list.


Hi olya_sher,

I know this is an overused recommendation, but could you try restarting Axure and/or rebooting your machine after installing Roboto? As of this writing, I believe you can grab that directly at Google Fonts. Restarting typically helps, and the font ought to show up in the font list afterward. LMK!


Thank you very much, that helps a lot


Yeah. They did a greate icon font. I have updated my widget libary to use material design icons, svg or png format, but not icon font, because that you don’t need to install a font and viewer don’t neither.


Any chance there’s a version of your library for Axure 7?


Yes! You can still find the Axure 7 verison here:


I have redrawed the widget library with Axure 9 beta. Now it’s based on newest Material Design guidelines(so-called Material Design 2), contains all the components. It’s an update of tihis widget library. See here: Material Design Widget Library for Axure 9

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