Measure tool?

Hey all,
Is there a measure tool, or some kind of plugin to accurately measure the distance between objects/ widgets/ guides in Axure as in Sketch ([alt] + selection)? For example, I need to be able to nudge widgets/ objects, to get pixel perfect distance.

Thanks in advance.

Hey Jason,

It doesn’t look like we’ve implemented a feature that lets you see the pixel distance between widgets like Sketch has, but we do have the “Distribute Horizontally” and “Distribute Vertically” options in the top toolbar. If you select the widgets that you want to adjust and then choose either “Distribute Horizontally” or “Distribute Vertically”, then the tool will automatically adjust the widgets to be equidistant in that regard. Would that do what you need?

I can tell you that is not what he needs. Being able to check the space between objects is extremely important. It’s very time consuming to do the math to make sure that the space between items is accurate and consistent.


Hi azim,

Thanks for this feedback! I’ve let our product management team know that you’re interested in seeing something like this implemented in Axure RP. In the meantime, turning on the grid on the RP canvas may be helpful here. It won’t show you the exact pixel distance between two widgets, but it can be helpful when approximating.

:thumbup: for a more accurate measure between elements, similar to Sketch!

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Is this feature being implemented? I am using Axure on my current project however it’s being very time consuming. I have to design the same project twice: Prototype in Axure and then move to Sketch in order to deliver the designs to the developers, only because it’s not possible to measure elements accurately in Axure.

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The guides could be easier to remove one by one. i have not figure out to delete just one. I also would love to have a simple measurement, as in Google Sketchup, thats a brilliant way to do lines, measure easy etc. Steel it with pride :slight_smile:

Hi brunodd,

Not yet, but I’ve let our product management team know that there is still high interest in a measuring tool in Axure RP, similar to Sketch. What may help for now is to use the “Widget Snap” feature (right-click on canvas > “Widget Snap Settings”) where you can choose the vertical and horizontal distance value to move your widgets in between:

So when I move my widget to the right of another widget, for example, the snap guide color line (red in my case) will show when it is 10px from that widget:

I realize this isn’t the same as a measuring tool, but hopefully it helps in the meantime.


You should be able to delete guides one-by-one either by right-clicking on the guide and selecting “Delete” or by pressing the [Delete] key:

If I misunderstood, could you clarify your request for me? I’ll then be happy to get that filed with our product management team. TY!

Hi, i am dragging a line from left or top ruler and place it somewhere. The line becomes blue. To remove it, It seems that i cannot click nor select it :frowning: Is it so that it differs from green and blue lines?

Hi Pelle,

Hmm, is there a chance the guide is locked? If a guide is locked, there isn’t a way to delete it until you unlock it. You can check to see if it is locked by right-clicking on the guide and seeing if there’s a checkmark next to “Lock”. If so, simply select “Lock” to de-select it and this should allow you to delete the guide:

If that’s different from what you’re seeing, could you post a screencast of what you’re seeing on your end? This’ll help me to understand the problem so I can best assist you. Thanks!

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First: I am relatively new to axure and I love it.
Second: +1 for the measure tool.

This is really missing and would be such an improvement on our frontend workflow.

Thanks guys, such a good software.


For whatever it’s worth, I did develop a plugin which aims to match the functionality of Measure. It works with your AxShare hosted projects. Take a look at the thread I posted: AxShare Interactive Redline Plugin or you can go directly to the GitHub project page here: GitHub - srm985/axure-redline-tool: Axure Interactive Redline Tool

I know this doesn’t help with accurate intra-element measurements within Axure but it does help when passing off files to developers. I hope this tool might be useful to you all! As a note, it’s still in its infancy and the user base isn’t huge yet so I’m sure you’ll find improvement opportunities along the way.


Hi Jason,
Just wondering did anyone have any loop hole on this measuring tool?
I’m using Sketch and it pains me that I can’t measure the distance between any of my items.


This would be a great tool for communication between designers and development. I currently, manually have to draw up specifications to hand to development, along with the design. It would be great to have an option to turn on a measurements grid. Add to a feature request pls.

Axure is a very helpful tool, but I use Sketch for the design process and then I have to insert it into axure in a very complicated way, using a plugin. Which doesn’t always work without problems, especially if my design contains many symbols.
In short, the only reason that keeps me from designing directly in axure is that I can’t align my objects accurately and accurately… with exactly the distance I want. It is NOT enough to have the same distance between objects… it MUST be a distance defined by me… otherwise, it is and remains only a tool in which I assign interactions to my designs.

Probably the easiest way to do this is to drop a box from the library on to the page. Scale it to fit between the elements, and then see it’s height/width dimensions.

You could also touch the elements (or overlap them), then go to the x/y box and append “+20” or whatever the correct distance would be. The x/y boxes can do the basic math for you.

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