Microsoft Dynamics Prototype


Does anyone have any experience with prototyping a Microsoft Dynamics project? I’m looking for the specific controls/widgets that are available in Dynamics so that I can closer align my prototype with what my developers are able to do out of box. Any other advice/tips would be very helpful. There is very little documentation on UX in Microsoft Dynamics.


Hi Doug123,

There doesn’t appear to be an existing RPLIB custom library for Microsoft Dynamics. If you’re looking to grab a collection of Dynamics icons to use in RP, though, there may be existing third-party resources to pull from. For example, it looks like the following third party provides a subset in various exportable formats (e.g. SVG, PNG):

If you import the SVG into Axure RP 8, you could also then convert the SVG to custom shapes to further edit and style them on the canvas. Here’s how:

If you’re interested, you could also then create your own custom library of these imported assets. Here’s a quick-start guide:

and more deets:

For more inspiration, check out the existing set of free and paid custom widget libraries supplied by the community of Axure users:

(Note: Payment for third-party libraries would be handled at the seller’s website via the library author.)

And if you ever choose to create the icons directly in RP, first-hand, check out our vector drawing Pen tool:

Hope that helps!


Thank you. I’ll carve out my own collection of “MS Dynamics Widgets”.


Dynamics gives you a lot of flexibility, so don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things. And if you do run into any roadblocks, there are plenty of forums and resources online where you can find help from other Dynamics pros.