Mobile - Adaptive View not auto adjusting to width of the device

Hi, So i have created an entire desktop and mob-web project with adaptive view, now i load the axshare link on mobile it doesn’t auto-fit the width, I have used both 360 and 480 and both don’t auto-sync to the device width, I have tried using the mobile settings, but nothing works. I don’t even know if I am doing anything wrong.

Same issues I am also getting. Please professional give us some idea to solve it? it will be really appreciable . Thank You.

Hi! It sounds like your adaptive views aren’t displaying when you open your link on your mobile device. To confirm, are you publishing via Axure RP 8? If so, have you enabled the “Include viewport tag” option in “Publish > Generate HTML > Mobile/Device?” If that option is enabled and you still see that the adaptive views don’t look quite right when viewed on the target mobile device, then please verify that when you view your prototype in the mobile browser that you have tapped “Close” to completely close the prototype sidebar; if that is left open then it will interfere with the rendering of the adaptive views.

Hopefully that helps! If you still run into issues after trying the above then please attach the affected .rp file so that we can take a look and advise.

Hi Alyssa, Thankyou so much. ‘close’ function helps, I have been minimising this whole time! You are a saviour.