Mobile/Device Settings



I’m using Axure RP 9 Beta and can’t figure out where my Mobile/Device settings went. They did not carry forward from Axure 8, and I cannot figured out how to set these in Axure 9 Beta. I’ve done a search online and through the forum but no luck. This is what it looked like in RP 8 from Publish > Generate HTML Files…

In RP 9 I see this from Publish > Generate HTML Files…

Thank you!


I don’t think that interface ix present in Axure RP 9, You can use this in place of that


Thanks for the reply @jamesorior. I am using that feature, and I like it!

But the two things I used most from Axure RP 8 mobile/device settings were control of the iOS Status Bar and iOS Splash Screens (used for the app image on my iOS home screen). Are those available somewhere?



Hi accrissman!

I’m glad to hear that you’re liking the new page dimensions feature in Axure RP 9! I wanted to let you know that the controls for iOS status bars and splash screens are not currently features of Axure RP 9, but I’ve gone ahead and filed a feature request with our respective teams regarding your interest in these features.