Mobile live preview while editing?


Hi is there a way (official or hacked) to get a live view of your canvas on a real device, like in Adobe XD or with Sketch Mirror.

Currently the work flow to see your screen on device is pretty cranky (for team files)…

Save file
Send changes
Open axCloud app on phone
Navigate to prototype
Wait for it to be rebuilt
Refresh again
Find page in tree
View page

Whats a better way than this?


Anyone got any creative solutions here?


I’m looking for this exact feature as well! whilst controlling the prototype on my computer it mirrors the same preview over to my mobile. I really need this for presentations and my workflow! I’ve been looking for ages for a solution or alternative.


The best example of this would be the Mirror functions Origami Studio has access to. It’s exactly what I’m looking for and doubt it would be an issue to implement.


Quick and dirty solution I’m using currently is to have Adobe XD open at the same time (with app on Android / iPhone for mirroring).

I’ll take a quick copy of my page in Axure, and paste into a temp artboard in XD - it pastes as an image and shows up on the device immediately.