Mobile Prototype Scrolls to Top after state change

I’ve created a mobile prototype with four dynamic panels. The two near the top of the page are working correctly, but the two further down the page are scrolling back to the top of the page every time the user changes the state of the panel. It’s a long page, so of course it really throws people off. Has anyone run into this problem? Thanks,

Can you share your RP file so we can see what’s happening?

Hi! When you test this on mobile, are you testing in the mobile browser or in the Axure Cloud app? If you’re testing in the browser, do you happen to have the prototype sidebar open or minimized when you test your panel state changes? If so, does tapping “Close” on the sidebar allow the interaction to work as intended? This sounds similar to one of the iOS issues that appeared on Axure RP prototypes a while back, so if it matches then we’d recommend either closing the sidebar or using the Axure Cloud app if possible. Hopefully that helps a bit!

We were using Safari, with the sidebar minimized- we were loading the page with the sidebar minimized. In the end, I avoided the problem by moving the fully interactive items to the top of my list page and filling the rest of my list with dummy items, so we never really made progress on the problem. We will try the cloud app - the performance of our prototype was pretty rough on the older phone we have available for testing, so that might help the performance issue too. Thanks!

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