Mobile Splash Screen

I’d like to create a splash screen for a mobile app wireframe design. Does anyone have a suggestions for designing/developing this functionality into my design?

Many Thanks.

Depends on how you’ve structured your prototype. I’ve done these in the past with either a dynamic panel or individual page that gets loaded when the “mobile app” launches. For example, let’s say your app has 5 basic screens, including your splash screen. You could create 5 states in your dynamic panel, the top-most being “Splash State”. When the page loads (or the app otherwise gets launched) you could place a Wait action, e.g., “Wait 3000 ms”, followed by a “Change State to Next” or "Change State to “App Home” (where that is the name of a state in your dynamic panel.) This would show your splash screen for 3 seconds then automatically show the initial view (e.g., Home).

For prototypes with complex apps, multiple apps, many screens, versions, options, etc. I sometimes structure the “mobile screen” as an inline frame widget and place each screen and/or screen view on its own separate page. To change screens, I load the associated page in the inline frame. This tends to make for faster initial loads, more reliable performance (if there’s a bug or whatever, it is typically isolated to that page only), and easier to document screen specs. However, it can create more redundancy, chances for inconsistencies and “continuity errors”, and results in a brief “blank white” screen when changing pages, rather than a cleaner, smoother transition you can get by changing dynamic panel states.

If you have more specific questions, or would like to see some options in action, I recommend uploading your source .rp file which will let forum users add suggested methods and fixes tailored just for your needs.

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Hey mbc66 - Your first suggestion is exactly the way to go. I’ll go ahead and create the dynamic panel, set a timer and launch into the app.

Thanks so much for the help!!!

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