Mockups run correctly in local machine, but alignment goes off in Axure Cloud


I’m using Axure RP 10. I tried both Chrome and Edge. Running locally, alignment looks as expected. But when uploaded to Axure Cloud, the alignment goes off on some objects. I have had this issue in several projects over the last year or so. What can I do to prevent this?


We currently have a recently discovered bug on file that causes the Poppins font with text align middle or right to appear incorrectly when published to Axure Cloud. If you’re running into this issue because you’re using this font, then you can try using Align Left or turn “Fit to Text Width” off.

Sometimes this can also occur if you’re using local fonts and haven’t embedded them correctly in your prototype. If so, you can navigate to our reference pages linked below for more information:

If you’re not using Poppins or local fonts, then to help us investigate, can you provide your .rp file as well as the RP 10 build you’re using so we can test?