Monthly vs Perpetual Pricing

On the pricing page

Under Axure RP Team, I see a Monthly vs Perpetual Toggle.
Monthly = $49 per User, month
Perpetual = $895 per User, perpetual

I’m confused by what ‘Perpetual’ means. Does this mean $895 will be charged perpetually per year or is it a one-time $895 per user for the duration of using the software?

Because if it’s per year… the math doesn’t make sense. $49 x 12 = $588… So where does the extra $307 come from?


The perpetual license is a one time cost granting you access forever.

Well, at least until Axure 10! :slight_smile:

A definition of “perpetual” would certainly be helpful before making a such a large purchase.

It would be useful to know whether if I buy a perpetual licence for Axure Pro 9, when I come to upgrade to Axure 10 will there be a discount as an existing licence holder or will I have to pay full price for the new version?

True, true … from my experience so far there has always been a heavy discount for users to upgrade from 6 to 7 from 7 to 8 from 8 to 9 … well worth the money.

Enjoy Axure!