Montserrat WEB SAFE Google Font not rendering proplerly in Axure Cloud



Hi everyone, I’ve just found something really strange that never happend to me before. I was working with the Google Font Montserrat which is also WEB SAFE and noticed that this font when published to AxureCloud was not respecting the paddings and it didn’t want to adapt itself to the “container”, so I’ve started with a new file just to try it out and I found that this can be replicated in every file that was using Montserrat.

You can look at this example file here:

Also the preview behaves as intended, so you won’t notice this until you publish the file to the Cloud. Locally the generated HTML files are working “fine”, but PT Sans is having the same issue, but not Montserrat.

Here’s the CSS that it was generated locally: styles.txt (1.5 KB)

And also here’s the RP file: FontTest.rp (53.6 KB)

I don’t know what’s wrong here, I’ve tried everything, even embeding the font didn’t help, probably it’s something really silly and I am not seeing it, so if someone can help out would be much appreciated.



I have the same problem with Academy Sans, and it is the brand font, so I can’t just change it