Mouse Hover on the entire area of a group

I have a group with 2 icons one inside the other. That group has a Mouse Hover Interaction. It only works when I hover over the larger shape. How can I get the interaction to work when I hover over any area of the group? Fire Mouse Style Effects is checked and doesn’t make a difference.

There is a difference between the :mouseover interaction style effect and the Mouse Hover event. The “Fire Mouse Style Effects” option for groups and dynamic panels will only trigger the visual :mouseover style effect for individual widgets therein, not the Mouse Hover event for all those widgets.

If you want to do more than static styling, then just create one Mouse Hover event for the group and put your interaction code there. If :mouseover style effects have been defined for any widgets in the group, those would also be shown when “Fire Mouse Style Effects” option is checked on.

If you have something more complex in mind, such as a group of three widgets, and Mouse Hover for widget A of “Move This by 10 px” and Mouse Hover for widget B of “Rotate This by 180” and Mouse Hover for widget C of “Show MyMenu treat as flyout” --and you want to keep those as specific events of each widget, then you could use the Mouse Hover of the group to fire the Mouse Hover events of each widget with the Fire Event event, as in, “Fire Event Mouse Hover of WidgetA, WidgetB, WidgetC”.

Thank you for the reply. I do have a Mouse Hover interaction on the group of 2 icons. The way it’s working doesn’t make sense. The icons are refresh icon and bang icon. They are grouped. The interaction is on the group. However, I have to hover over the icons for it to work. If I hover over the white area of the group the Mouse Hover does NOT work. It should work on the entire grouped area IMO. That’s why I’m wondering if I’m missing something.

I just tested and group interaction styles are working fine for me, so to get an answer it’s probably best to copy/paste the widgets in question into a blank file and share it here so others can see exactly what’s going on. Because based on just your description, no one can really tell you what’s wrong.

@annkie, If you can, please upload your .rp file so forum users can see just what you are trying to do and thus offer much better chance of offering a good solution for you.

Here is a quick demo that creates what I understand to be your need.

Hover vs Enter.rp (69.4 KB)

Obviously, grouped widgets in Axure do not work that way. I think what you’re missing is that you can add a widget in your group, sized the same dimensions as your group, and thus no gap. You can do this easily with a Hotspot widget, which is invisible, or set a rectangle widget to same fill as background and place it behind your icon widgets, or set its fill and border opacity to 0% to make it invisible. (If you just hide this widget, it won’t work though.) Also, dynamic panels do work this way–their entire area is active and thus “hoverable”. IMO this provides a nice difference for interaction control.

Turns out that when I brought my group to front it works as expected. I still feel there is a bug somewhere because there was nothing covering my group for it to work inconsistently to begin with.