Mouse over icon and make change to other element

Hello everyone,

Is that a way to active the mouseover effect for a widget even when you mouse over the other widget on the top? I was trying to active the mouseover effect for a row even when I mouse over the icon on the row.

MouseOver.rp (58.6 KB)

In this example, I want no mouseover effect for the icon itself but the row behind it.

Thank you!

Hi Johnsh,
Here is something that I have, that you can use.

MouseOver-cursors.rp (102.0 KB)


Thank you @bermanatalie for your help, I really appreciate it! While I believe there must be misunderstanding, I didn’t make myself clear, my bad.

The problem I met is that, I couldn’t have the fill color of a rectangle change when I put the mouse cursor on the icon (like the book icon or the ring bell icon). It’s really nothing to do with the cursor itself but the icon and the fill color of a rectangle (mouseover effect). I was trying to group an icon and the rectangle behind it then set mouseover, but this way will change the fill color for both icon and rectangle. I don’t want to change the fill color of icon, only the rectangle.

Thank you again for your help!

Hi Johnsh,
I fixed your file MouseOver-updated.rp (154.9 KB)

I rebuild it as a repeater:

Hope, it solve this issue :slight_smile:


Thank you so much @bermanatalie :bouquet: