Move element when repeater row added

Hello everyone!
I want to create a editable data grid in Axure RP9.
I have added an “Add row” text label to add new row under my repeater. but when new row is adding the text label is in its fix position. is anyway to move it down?

I cannot determine from your description if the “add new row” is a widget outside your repeater, or if it is a special row within the repeater–but it looks more like the latter.

If “add new row” is inside the repeater, you will need to sort the repeater after every row is added. If it is a value in the first column and all other values are numeric (e.g., 1, 2, 3) you can likely just add an action immediately after the Add Rows action to Sort Rows based on the first Column, keeping the default “SORT AS” option = “Number” and ORDER = “Ascending” --which would sort “add…” after all numbers. If the other values in this column can be alphanumeric, you would probably need to add another column in your repeater’s datasheet just for sorting.

If “add new row” is outside the repeater, then you’ll need to create a way to ensure it is always shown immediately below the repeater, regardless of the repeater height. I recommend placing the repeater in a dynamic panel (just right-click your repeater and choose “Create Dynamic Panel”) --and ensuring the default “Fit to Content” Style option is selected. Add a Resized event with a Move action like so:

MyAddNewRowWidget to ( , [[This.bottom]] )

Note the x-value is blank, which will mean the widget will not be moved in the x-dimension (left or right.)

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Thanks for your response @mbc66
My “add new row” is outside of the repeater. I follow your steps and it worked for me, but it moves down overmuch.

Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad English.

It looks like the Add Row button is moving down the same height as the repeater. My guess is your Move code is “Move by” instead of “Move to”. Ensure it is “Move to

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