Move hover back to selected on mouse exit

Hi forum, I have the following tab functionality set up:


With the following interaction styles:


The mouse enter is basically moving and resizing the blue selected/hover element. If a user does not select a new tab, I would like to move this widget back to the selected tab. How can I go about this please?

I have tried showing/hiding also, however once shown, the tab starts from it’s previously left position and not from the selected tab.

File attachment:
Filters_Tabs.rp (48.7 KB)

Good news! You actually already have the logic you need to do this! It’s the “Mouse Enter” interaction on each of the tabs!

All you need to do is, whenever the mouse cursor leaves the tab group, check to see which tab is selected and then fire its “Mouse Enter” event. Filters_Tabs.rp (50.6 KB)

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