Move widget relative to other widget within a repeater


Hello folks!

I´ve got a problem with positioning a widget relative to another within a repeater.

Here the Problem:
I got a Label and a Text. The Text has to be aligned right and has to be 10px away from right. So I made it with this formula for X=[[LVAR1.width-10-Target.width]] (LVAR1 is the background of the repeater item)
Y is always a fixed number in this case 10 because I only want to move my widgets horizontal.

Now i want to place the Label exactly with the right end 10px away of the text. But I dont know how i can relate to a widget within a item of a repeater to calculate the X coordinate.

I attached an example file to show my problem. Maybe someone of you can help me there?

Expample.rp (49.0 KB)


It looks like you were really close to getting it!

The reason your current interaction isn’t working is because “Fit to Text Width” is causing the “Item Loaded” event to load the position of this widget before the data is loaded.

Something you can do is to use “Loaded” instead of “Item Loaded” instead. You can also turn “Fit to Text Width” off and then resize the widget larger so it can fit your data. Either of these solutions will have your widget placed correctly with your formula. Hope that helps :slight_smile:



Thank you! This worked fine for me with the “Loaded” Event.

It is good to know the “Fit to Text Width” is executed before the Item Loaded event. Haven´t thought about that.

For all people who want the solution as example:

Expample.rp (49.6 KB)

Problem solved!

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