Move without boundries


I already have a horizontal scrolling menu and it moves and is clickable etc.
The thing is, I can swipe the menu left and right until it reaches a certain point (lets say ‘left<0’ and ‘>-750px’), that is good.
but the swipes also have steps of 250px to the left or 250px to the right.

What i want is: to swipe without the steps.
Just let it move left and right smoothly until I click/press on it or untill it reaches the boundries.

Is this possible to make with axure and if yes, how can I make this?

Check out this thread from a few years back. Sounds like it has the basics of “throwing” a list and then “grabbing” it to stop it (at least on a touchscreen device.)

Instead of using the momentum factor in the Drag Dropped event, you could move the list all the way to the boundaries. You can use the [[DragX]] property to test which direction the menu is being dragged. So you would have two basic conditional cases (adjusting for your widget name and timing):
IF [[DragX]] is greater than 1 Move MyMenu to (0, [[Target.y]]) Linear 1000ms
ELSE Move MyMenu to ([[This.width-Target.width]], [[Target.y]]) Linear 1000ms.


thnx for the reply. I’ve tried to put the coe you send above into Axure, but I do not know how.
I’ve tried to use the Dragged and the Drag Dropped interaction that is used in the thread you pointed out for me and changed it to drag X, but it does not work propperly.

I am a bit of a newby in axure and have used it during my college a few years ago.

This is what I get at the moment:

And this is what I set foor the menu movement
Dragged = This drag X with boundries: left < 1, left > -770
Drag Dropped = This drag X Ease Out Cubic 1000ms with boundries: left < 1, left > -770

I think it works now.
I have changed the drag X for the Dragger interaction to With Drag and also added a Top > -770 and a top less than 0 for the boundries