Moving widget dynamically

Hi all
please see that attached example, Im trying to move the “Change” link according to the title that is next to it.
Click on the “Change” link will open a form that enables you to change the title.
I want the link to always be near the title so I’m placing the title width and X location to a local var, and preforming MOVE action. From some reason, this is not working…
You can see that the variable is taking the default x and width values but it’s not changing.
Can someone please take a look at the attached file and see why it’s not working?
For debugging reasons, I’m populating a variable with the location and width of the title.


move link.rp (53.5 KB)


This post from a while back should do the trick, though involves using javascript. It’s almost your exact situation, as it turns out. Also, it’s in Axure 8.

By the way, the reason it doesn’t work using the size of the widget in Axure is that Axure doesn’t grow the widget to accommodate text: instead, it just lets the text overflow the bounds of the widget without changing its size,.

This script accesses the text span inside of the widget (which actually contains the text) and gets its size.,

OK Wooowww
Thanks a lot, very helpful