Multi Select Keyboard Modifier Changed… WHY?


In all previous versions, in order to select multiple components individually (on macOS), the method was the same. Hold down CMD and click with the mouse to select/de-select the components you want. This has been changed in RP 10 so that holding CMD clears your last selection and selects only the widget you just clicked. The new method is that you have to hold SHIFT while clicking additional components.

It’s hard to imagine why this change would be necessary but maybe there is some awesome reason for doing it. In the meantime, any of your longtime users who rely on keyboard modifiers are going to have to retrain our hands to do the exact same action as before, just using a different modifier key.

In general, holding SHIFT while selecting is meant to extend the previous selection to include the current object, and all objects in between. The CMD key is the time-honored modifier to make sparse selections.

Please revert this to the traditional usage for the sake of your existing user base, or at least give us an option to revert the selection behavior to how it was in the past. I am probably not alone in not wanting to retrain my fingers for a change that gives no advantage over the previous method and is in fact counterintuitive.


I’ve noticed that too and wonder about it as well :). It does add a little bit of a hurdle when you know how to do something and then it changes and you need to adjust.


OMG yes. Plus 1 from me.


Any response from Axure on this? The latest UX is still requiring Shift key as modifier for multi-select.