Multiline text in repeater data cell


Is it possible to set multiline text in repeater data cell? Each time i press Enter the program moves me to the next cell…

What you might need to do instead is to create a new column in your dataset for each ‘line’ in your output.

When you’re setting up your interactions for the repeater, you can then set the output to ‘rich text’ using the dropdown in the case editor.
Then, hit ‘Edit text’ and paste in the variable placeholders from your table, giving each one its own line. eg.


Thanks for reply. I came up with this idea too. What I am looking for is the posibility to set multiline text from one data cell.

actually there is no way to enter html- or ritch-text into a repeater-data-cell.

I just tested this out, and some HTML tags entered into a repeater data cell will actually be parsed and rendered correctly by the browser.
I tried entering a bunch of <br> tags in my data, and line breaks were rendered correctly in the output. Give it a try!


Oh wow, Paj, you’re totally right. That might actually be a pretty easy way to insert HTML into the prototype without using AxShare plugins or futzing around with injecting it via JS. But could be pretty annoying if someone actually wants to use < or > (or other characters) in their repeater data. Escaping it does work, however ( < > )

even <div> with style=""

and now it comes… html does also work on setting text to a widget.

Do you add the breaks in the table cell? It’s not working for me, it displays the code in the browser and I am using Axure 9 BETA.

Never mind I found the solution: [[Item.ColumnName.replace("
","\n")]] sure wish they add a way to format table cells in this next version.


Axure 10. What is the correct syntax to insert HTML
tag in the repeater data cell? Trying to get repeater to display:

• Item1
• Item2Long
• Item3VeryLongName
• Item4

Entering "• Item1 <br> • Item2Long <br> • Item3VeryLongName <br> • Item4"
displays exactly that text in the output.


Unfortunately Axure stopped interpreting HTML tags in repeaters starting with RP8. My company hasn’t upgraded to 10 yet so I can’t test this, but in 8 and 9 I’m able to do this by

  • Managing my repeater content in a Google sheet (not Excel)
  • Forcing line breaks within a cell with alt-enter
  • Populating the repeater by copying/pasting the entire table into it.


Thank you, Jeff. I’m already too much into prototype in the a10 to change the version at this point. I put each value into separate columns and combined them via rich text. Not ideal but did the job.