Multiple displays - problem with the right hand pane

Hi, I have two monitors. Left - primary, where I use Axure, right, secondary.
Now that Interactions are popping out from the right hand panel, they extend to the next monitor - this is very difficult to use.
I mentioned interactions as it’s the most frequently used feature but it applies to all pop out from the right hand panel.

Hi, I played with this on my triple monitors setup and did not encounter the same issue… Anyway, since V9 is still in Beta, there is time to fix before the final version is published - I suggest to report this to Axure through the “Submit feedback or bug” dialog (from the “Help” menu).

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Got two displays, same size and resolution. Everything is fine.

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Thanks. I wanted to see this place first to check if the problem’s already been reported.

Thank you for your responses. I was just wondering if this has anything to do with the operating system? I’m on Windows 10.

I’m on windows10 too

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Hi rajsca,

We were able to reproduce this when switching our primary to our secondary monitor, and we should have a fix for this soon. A workaround for now would be to change your primary to your secondary display, which I realize may not be ideal, but hopefully it helps a bit!

Hi Jane

I think I know what the problem is!

It’s not a case of multiple displays, its the task bar placement.
I like to have my task bar on the left. That’s when the Interactions pop out and are cut. When I move my Task Bar to the bottom everything works fine.

It would be great to have that fixed, a left side Task Bar is very convenient, but surely I could move it down as a workaround.


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Hi Dorota,

Thanks for sleuthing this! I see the same behavior as you, where moving the Windows Taskbar to anywhere except the default bottom (e.g. left) cuts off dialogs, and I’ve filed this with our QA team.

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Great :slight_smile: This really stopped me from trying out Axure 9 because it was impossible to create interactions! I will use more of it now.


I am seeing the same thing. I keep my task bar on the left and the interaction builder is always cutoff…I have to go out of full screen and leave room to the right of my window…