Multiple drop-downs open simultaneously


May I please ask if anybody could advise why the dropdowns in the attached file simultaneously open (when I click on one of them) at random times (sometimes open simultaneously and sometimes don’t) ?

dropdown question.rp (110.5 KB)


This was kind of tricky to figure out… but basically you are using two methods to show/hide the droplists (the selection state of the “DL1” and “DL2” widgets, and directly hiding the “DropdownList” groups) and are sometimes inadvertently triggering both with one action, leading to the (near) simultaneous hiding and showing actions both instead of just one action–either hide or show only. For example, when a DL widget is clicked it sets itself to selected and its OnSelectionChange causes the droplist visibiltiy to toggle–thus showing the droplist. Then, when an item in a droplist is clicked, it updates the “DL” widget text and hides its group (the droplist) --and note the DL widget is still selected. Later, if the other DL widget is clicked, it selects itself–automatically deselecting the other DL because they are in the same selection group–and that deselection triggers the OnSelectedChange event which toggles the visibility of that droplist group, causing it to be shown.

I copied everything on Home to Page 1 and made some simplifications. Just to sleuth out what was going on, I ungrouped your “nested groups” of droplists and deleted the “Show/Hide (unknown) widget” statements. That had no effect, so i eventually removed the “Hide droplist” action and replaced it with "Set selected of droplist1 equal to “false” --which of course triggers the OnSelectionChange event and hides the droplist. This means that only one action is used to control the droplist visibility–the selection state of the corresponding DL widget. So, when the other droplist button (DL2) is clicked, DL1 is unselected --if already unselected then nothing happens–and nothing needs to happen, but if selected (and thus the droplist1 group is visible) then unselecting it causes the droplist1 to be hidden.

dropdown question solved.rp (174.6 KB)

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Thank you so much for your amazing help and advise - it helped me enormously!
Everything works like a charm now! Truly appreciate it.

  • Natalie
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