Multiple targets for interactions in Axure RP 9

Hi all
In Axure 8 I could have multiple targets per interaction. I haven`t found a similar way in the new version.
So I ended up with tons of redudant entries:

Is there really no other way?

Thanks for helping

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Chrian there are a few ways to add multiple targets. Both which are somewhat hidden and a bit inconsistent.

Check out my video below where I figure it out myself!

How is this solved @ kingquake? You are only adding new blank targets to an interaction where you still have to edit every single element.

Hi chrian,

Thanks for posting about this! It sounds like the feature you are missing in Axure RP 9 is that when a new target is added, that target inherits the same characteristics that have been set for the action of the previous target. This feature was available in Axure RP 8. I can see how it would be useful to include this in Axure RP 9, and I have gone ahead and submitted a feature request for this on your behalf.

I hope this helps!

Axure Customer Support


Thanks @ Ashley_Axure , great help!

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