Multiple widget styles - new feature

Hi there,

a question for @axure team. Would it be possible to have multiple styles available for widgets?

The problem
Imagine you have “heading 1” style set with dark-colour, medium-weight font. Place that heading on a dark background. Naturally, you will want to change the colour to something light. Doing so will only create style override which means that every time you want to place the same looking heading, you have to create the override, again and again… or create a separate style, something like “heading 1 - light”. However, if you then want to change size of all “heading 1” styles including the “heading 1 - light”, you will have to change it in both styles separately. This approach ends up in having many separate styles which are difficult to maintain.

What if we handle styles as cascading styles, like css classes. Basically, I want an option to multiple-select styles. The latter selected style overrides the properties of the former.

Please see this video:

Use cases covered in the preview video:

  • Multiple selection of styles
  • Removal of styles
  • Drag styles up/down to change the order which changes the overriding pattern
  • Update (selected) style with new changes

I realise that this is not fully thought-through, for example, user can choose which style should adopt new changes but this might be tricky as we don’t know which changes to add/update. Anyway, it’s a beginning :slight_smile:

What do you think?