Multiselect with chips inside

Hello Everybody!
I searched on the various discussions on Axure forum but cannot find what I need.
I am able to easily populate the chips inside a repeater with the values inside the overlays of the multiselect.


Now I would like to Unselect the corresponding item into the overlay of the dropdown, IF I delete the chips inside the chips repeater.

Can someone help me please?



Multiselect-1.rp (73.4 KB)

There’s a widget outside of a repeater trying to interact directly with a specific widget inside a repeater; this won’t work.

The issue you’re running into has to do with how widgets inside of a repeater are generated. Whenever a new item is added to a repeater, it creates an exact duplicate of the widgets that make up a row. This includes the names of the widgets as well. That’s why when you tell something outside the repeater to, “Set {widget name} to selected,” it selects all the widgets inside, all of those widgets have the name “{widget name}”. If you want to interact with a widget inside a repeater, the action has to be inside the repeater as well. Luckily, what you’re trying to achieve is pretty straight-forward.

Add a column to the list repeater to track whether the row is selected or not. Then, instead of the click event setting the item to selected, have it update the row’s “Is_Selected” column to “true”. The repeater will use that value to show the check or not.

Now the tag repeater can use the name on the chip to update the item in the list to “Is_Selected” = “false”.

Multiselect-1.rp (76.2 KB)

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Thank you so much! this was the missing piece! :sweat_smile:

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